Memorisation and Line Learning with Peter Rasmussen

As a Casting Director with over 25 years of experience, Peter is all too familiar with how a few annoying line mistakes can interrupt an otherwise engrossing performance. In this course you will learn:

  • How to learn your lines FAST and THOROUGHLY so you don’t lose them when it’s most important.

  • How to deal with nerves impacting line learning.

  • What to do if you do lose a line - how to recover gracefully.

Learn How the Experts Do It

Have you ever wondered how the best actors learn masses of text seemingly effortlessly with no mistakes?

No, they’re NOT naturally better at remembering things than you - they are simply using memorisation retention techniques, and you can too! This online workshop is specially tailored to teach you memorisation methods designed for Actors in high stress environments. These skills will have you more confident than ever so you can say goodbye to that nasty feeling of line anxiety when you first get handed a script. Peter will show you his tried and tested techniques so you can move beyond the nerves.

Peter Rasmussen Online - designed for flexibility

Study Whenever or Wherever suits you.

This course is perfect for Actors who want to make their audition and script preparation faster and more efficient - so you can focus on your performance with the confidence that your lines are word-perfect.

Don’t let forgetting your lines ruin a great performance.