Cold Reading for Self-Tests and Auditions. One-Day Intensive Workshop.

Cold Reading is now an essential skill for Australian Actors to have - MEAA and CGA guidelines for self-tapes have recently changed to allow actors to hold the script during their test. Learn how to use this rule change to your advantage. 

In this one-day in-person workshop you will receive my expert techniques to:

  • Give a great audition and self-test within a fast turnaround time. 
  • Stay connected to your reader even with a script in hand. 
  • Use cold-read techniques to help you work efficiently. 
  • My quick and effective script analysis method.
  • Create multiple versions of the scene to give the director options. 
  • Harness and present your personality in order to be remembered in the audition room.

As a working Casting Director I know first-hand that we often have very fast turnarounds - sometimes needing to show clients Actors within 24 hours - that means you’ll have even less time than that!

Many Actors worry that reading off a page is going to confine them artistically - but learn these dynamic techniques and you will harness a sense of freedom and play in your audition or self-test.

When: Saturday 23rd March 2024. 9.30am-5pm. 

Location: Rasmussen Casting, Mcdowall Brisbane. 

Cost: $265

Places Strictly Limited. 

Payment Plans Available for your convenience - Afterpay, Klarna and Paypal Pay-In-4. 

Please Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about this workshop.

Workshop Testimonials

“An actor's ability to not only read but also understand a script with little to no preparation is a skill, not easily picked up.  Peter offers an opportunity to further explore this prowess by giving his students a chance to find hidden talents they never knew existed.  I walked into Peter's workshop with a basic understanding of what it means to cold read a script and nail an audition.  Now as an artist, I know I can never be done learning, however upon leaving, I do feel more at ease with my own competence and also believe the next time I'm able to use this skill, I'm hitting a home run. But if my opinion isn't enough to sway you, find out for yourself and take the class. You will not regret it.”

Brad Fuller

“After attending Peter's 'script analysis' workshop, you'll have a whole new approach to self-tapes and auditions! From commercials to TV and feature films, Peter's class was incredibly useful in making magic out of (what is very often) a very small amount of material. I was shocked at just how much you can take away from just a few lines of dialogue. Peter has a very natural style of teaching that throws away the "teacher-student" dynamic which makes for a fun yet informative teaching experience. I was engaged the entire day and never once felt bored or found myself zoning out like my uni days. I already have a sense of improvement in my approach to auditions and I can't wait to embark on my training further with his Uta Hagen class! ”

Matt Domingo

“I just completed Peter’s One Day Script Analysis for Self Tests and Auditions Workshop. Wow, such an amazing experience which gave me a new perspective on how to approach auditions and self tapes. Peter gives you the tools to build your audition scene from scratch. He gave me new insight into the whole process of how commercials and films are cast. He then filmed us auditioning for a scene, giving us direction throughout the filming and challenging us to go one step further. This workshop is a must for any actor. I enjoyed it so much, that I have signed up for another of his classes. ”

Lynne Rose

“I just did Peters 1 day workshop on Script Analysis. I have done many workshops and this was very helpful for me in dissecting a scene and having real objectives and 4th wall work. Recommend :) +++ ”

Deb Danes

“A fabulous day was had by all! Peter shared his valuable experience with total dedication, wit and a bit of craziness in the mix. If you want to fast forward your skills in the acting world, this is a must do class. A full day of in depth script analysis takes acting to another level. I’ll certainly be taking more classes with Peter. 😊 ”

Virginia McEntee

“Peter has truly taught me the art of ‘subtlety on camera’ when auditioning for a role. He utilises his techniques and exercises so wonderfully in the moment, that before I knew it I was no longer “acting” or “pushing”, I was simply was telling the truth. He has enabled me to learn what is important when auditioning for film and TV and what to simply throw away. Not only is Peter an amazing teacher, he is also a real ally in championing his students all the way to reaching their goals. I simply couldn’t have gotten where I am today without his help and guidance.”

Emily Weir, Actress: Home and Away.

“It’s rare to find a person so dedicated to extracting the best out of a performance or the artist. I had the pleasure of working with Peter in two self-tests, both very last minute and time stressed. Through workshopping and direction we explored together to come up with two tests that I walked away proud of; which to me is the aim of the game. Knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and your hat in the ring for a part is the beginning and the end of our work sometimes. If you can say you’ve done that, you’ve done your work.Oh, and I got the job. Maybe both.”

Ryan Corr, Actor: Packed to the Rafters, House of the Dragon.

“Peter Rasmussen brings his years as a casting director and actor to his coaching with an eclectic mix of wisdom, humor and insight. He is a gentle yet honest coach with great compassion. I highly recommend the professional as well as the beginner to work with this man!”

Laura Gardner, Actress: The Romanoffs, Fresh Off The Boat.

Unlock your true acting potential today.

Learn time saving techniques to unlock your best performances.

You will receive my expert techniques to:

  • Give a great audition and self-test with a fast turnaround time.

  • Stay connected to your reader even with a script in hand.

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • Use cold-read techniques to deliver a clear audition.

  • Learn my quick and effective script analysis method.

  • Create multiple versions of the scene to give the director options.

  • Harness and present your personality in order to be remembered in the audition room.

About Peter

Peter Rasmussen is an Industry leading Casting Director and Acting Coach with over 25 years of industry expertise.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Peter prides himself on providing creative and innovative Casting to all types of productions -  from Feature Films to Commercials.  Some of his casting credits include AACTA nominated The Butterfly Tree and Celeste, as well as working on many television shows including Neighbours, Packed to the Rafters, Sea Patrol, H20 – Just add water, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and the Underbelly Movies Files. 

Peter has studied and draws on various techniques from Lee Strasburg, Ivanna Chubbuck, Eric Morris, Uta Hagan, Sanford Meisner, Robert Cohen, Mark Travis, Practical Aesthetics and Howard Fine. His classes are highly sought after around Australia, and has taught at major schools including the Queensland University of Technology – Fine Arts Program, Griffith Film School, Queensland Conservatorium’s Performing Arts Programme, The Howard Fine School and the Melbourne Acting Academy. 

His students frequently go on to international success in lead roles. 

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