Let Peter Rasmussen, a working Casting Director and renowned Acting Coach show you how to maximise your career with this in-depth course.

  • Not getting asked to audition for the big jobs?
  • Not sure how to get the best agent? 
  • Tired of not booking Acting work? 
  • Confused about your headshots and showreels?

Gain insider knowledge on all aspects of the industry – from the perfect headshot and a captivating showreel, to navigating the right databases, working with agents, securing auditions, and submitting captivating self-tests. 

Let Peter be your industry expert guide as you work your way through Career Supercharge in your own time and at your own pace.

Unlock the secrets to impressing casting directors and propel your acting journey to new heights. 

Unlock the acting career of your dreams, start learning today.

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Course Content

Let Peter Rasmussen, a working Casting Director and renowned Acting Coach show you how to supercharge your career with this in-depth and easy to understand course.

  • Agents

    How to attract the best Agent for the career you want, and how to be their favourite client. The Agent System explained.

  • Showreels and Headshots

    What we need to see on your showreel to cast you. How to get a great showreel on a budget. Complete Headshot guide.

  • Databases

    Which ones you really need to be on, and how to use them properly to get auditions.

  • Auditions

    Learn how to work WITH the Casting Director to give them everything they need to cast you in a speaking role.

  • Casting Directors

    Understand the casting process from a working Casting Director.

  • Self-Test Guide

    Self-Test basics. How to get a great self-test set-up on a budget.

Student Testimonials

“I have had the privilege of working with Peter in a one-on-one session, completing his Career Supercharge course online (SO HELPFUL!) and I'm also currently participating in his scene study course online. Peter has so much passion and amazing knowledge of the craft and I have already learnt so much from him during the short time I've studied with him. So much magical goodness!!! In addition, the courses are so well organised and structured, such great pedagogy! Highly recommend working with Peter if you are serious about taking things to the next level!”

Tessa Neilson

“I have to say I found Peter to have amazing workshops and advice. I attended his memorisation and line learning workshop which really made me rethink how I can effectively approach learning my lines. I also met with Peter one on one for a private career consultation. Peter provided me with the advice I needed to try and take my career to the next level. Thank you Peter. You have opened my eyes to what is really possible for me as I navigate my acting career. ”

Belinda Aitken

“Peter understands what it takes to be an actor in the landscape of Australian film. Challenging, at times daunting but always finding the fun and joy of what we do. Can't recommend Peter enough! ”

Jordan Pearce

“I enjoyed this seminar, very informative and there was a lot of great content. this was my first peter Rasmussen experience and i have enjoyed it and will look further into his teachings for the future. ”

Brodie B

“Peter’s intimate knowledge of film and television gave me the confidence to approach auditions with a fresh set of perspectives. I’ve feel I now have a set of skills in my actor’s toolbox to always fall back on. Thank you Peter! ”

Dudley Powell

“Peter Rasmussen brings his years as a casting director and actor to his coaching with an eclectic mix of wisdom, humor and insight. He is a gentle yet honest coach with great compassion. I highly recommend the professional as well as the beginner to work with this man!”

Laura Gardner, Actress: The Romanoffs, Fresh Off The Boat.

“Peter has truly taught me the art of ‘subtlety on camera’ when auditioning for a role. He utilises his techniques and exercises so wonderfully in the moment, that before I knew it I was no longer “acting” or “pushing”, I was simply was telling the truth. He has enabled me to learn what is important when auditioning for film and TV and what to simply throw away. Not only is Peter an amazing teacher, he is also a real ally in championing his students all the way to reaching their goals. I simply couldn’t have gotten where I am today without his help and guidance.”

Emily Weir, Actress: Home and Away.

“It’s rare to find a person so dedicated to extracting the best out of a performance or the artist. I had the pleasure of working with Peter in two self-tests, both very last minute and time stressed. Through workshopping and direction we explored together to come up with two tests that I walked away proud of; which to me is the aim of the game. Knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and your hat in the ring for a part is the beginning and the end of our work sometimes. If you can say you’ve done that, you’ve done your work.Oh, and I got the job. Maybe both.”

Ryan Corr, Actor: Packed to the Rafters, House of the Dragon.

“I had a Career Consultation with Peter today. He was extraordinary insightful and shared his world of knowledge to help me carve my own path of success. I would highly recommend Peter if you want help with anything within the industry! ”

Isabella Rose

Get the Acting Career of your dreams

As an Actor your Headshots, Showreel, Online Presence and CV are your assets for success.

Let Peter Rasmussen, a working Casting Director and renowned Acting Coach show you how to supercharge your career with this in-depth and easy to understand guide.

About Peter

Peter Rasmussen is an Industry leading Casting Director and Acting Coach with over 25 years of industry expertise.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Peter prides himself on providing creative and innovative Casting to all types of productions -  from Feature Films to Commercials.  Some of his casting credits include AACTA nominated The Butterfly Tree and Celeste, as well as working on many television shows including Neighbours, Packed to the Rafters, Sea Patrol, H20 – Just add water, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and the Underbelly Movies Files. 

Peter has studied and draws on various techniques from Lee Strasburg, Ivanna Chubbuck, Eric Morris, Uta Hagan, Sanford Meisner, Robert Cohen, Mark Travis, Practical Aesthetics and Howard Fine. His classes are highly sought after around Australia, and has taught at major schools including the Queensland University of Technology – Fine Arts Program, Griffith Film School, Queensland Conservatorium’s Performing Arts Programme, The Howard Fine School and the Melbourne Acting Academy. 

His students frequently go on to international success in lead roles. 

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Unlock your true acting potential.

Course curriculum

    1. The Casting Process

    2. Casting Directors - Explained

    1. Headshots

    2. Showreels

    3. CV and Databases

    1. Actors Agents

    2. How to get an Agent

    3. Agents - how to be one of their favourite clients

    4. Agents - how to be one of their favourite clients - A few more ideas

    1. Self Tests and Auditions

    1. Goal Setting

    1. Your Feedback and Requests

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content