Queensland Faces required for commercial.

We’re looking for real people to represent the characters living and loving Queensland.

Filming Location: Brisbane and Surrounds.

Key Dates: Dec 6 and 7

*It’s very important that you can make yourself available for these dates.

You must be located in the South East Queensland Area.

Fee for 12 months: $3500 

No acting experience is necessary. We need quirky characters, storytellers and good listeners.

Submissions welcome from EVERYONE! WHOEVER you are we want to see you living your best QLD life. You do not need to be born in Qld to submit. 

Please submit by Wednesday 22nd November 10am. 

Please have fun with this.  We want to see your personality. 

Application Instructions:

Please read and watch all audition instructions below before filming or submitting.

Applications for this project are via self-tape. 

Please do not wear make-up. We are after a very earthy authentic feel in this commercial and need to see what you genuinely look like. We are not looking for supermodels. 

Please have fun with this.  We want to see your personality. 

Please film/photograph the following 4 things: 

1x Video of you telling a Funny, Weird or Embarrassing Story. Just 30 seconds to 2 minutes is enough. Perhaps your go to 'can't believe this happened' story, or the embarrassing story your friends/parents like to tell about you. 

1x Short video of you listening to someone telling you a joke. The role requires you to listen authentically - no ‘acting’ needed here. 

1x  Photo of your face and upper body (roughly from your belly button to top of head) We need to see what you look like

1x And one head-to-toe wide photo of you.

Instruction Video: 

Location Instructions:


Self-Test Guide:


Please submit by Wednesday 22nd November 10am. 

Submit your videos, photos and information at this link:  https://form.jotform.com/233196364098869

The videos and photos can be shot anywhere. On a smartphone will do. Just have good light. (the light needs to be going towards your face) and not too noisy (some background noise is fine)

Shoot this somewhere nearby that says Queensland to you - personally.

But it is very important that you be safe and respectful of where you shoot. Have fun.

Upload to this Jotform when finished.  https://form.jotform.com/233196364098869


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